Big news

“I have good news and bad news” my husband texted me one afternoon while he was at work, “but I’m not going to tell you until after we go out to dinner with your family.” Yeah right, I thought. He walked in the door a few hours later with flowers in one hand and I just knew it. He got a job assignment out of state.

“You got orders, didn’t you?” I asked him point blank. A look of disbelief came over his face. “How did you know?” I told him he better tell me immediately where we would be moving, I was not going to wait a few more hours. He slowly hands me a folded piece of paper and it confirmed what I had already known in my heart: we were moving to England.

Excitement washed over me and I just smiled. I knew it.

Then my brain goes into hyperdrive – we have to sell the house, we have to sell the cars, we have to get rid of more stuff.

The past six months to a year I had been very successful in donating and selling items but I knew with definitive plans to move, it was crunch time. Time to make tough decisions and say goodbye to things that would not be joining us on our over the pond move.  Time for no more excuses and to put into practice what I had been reading about and partially following for the past eight years. england-big-ben-palace-of-westminster-1024x460-1

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